A semi-numerical tool for simulating intensity mapping

  • Mas-Ribas et al. (2021, in prep.): LIMFAST overview
  • Sun et al. (2021, in prep.): applications of LIMFAST to studies of EoR galaxies
  • Parsons et al. (2021, in prep.): applications of LIMFAST to probing the first stars

LIMFAST is a semi-numerical tool currently under development for simulating multiple LIM signals simultaneously and self-consistently. It stems from the 21cmFAST code, and includes significantly updated sub-grid models for the source populations. In particular, We couple a simple yet physically-motivated prescription for the star formation and chemical evolution of high-redshift galaxies to models of emission lines based on simulations of photoionization and radiative transfer. LIMFAST is a convenient and versatile tool that allows one to explore a wide range of applications of multi-tracer intensity mapping to the investigation of the epoch of reionization and cosmic dawn. Watch out for a forthcoming series of LIMFAST papers if you’re interested!